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Where to find women interested for you and how to get sex? All about one night stands, girls, women, and ways to catch and hook up and get sex. Also look at this month best sites to get sex

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Where and How to Find Women looking for Men

Women seeks men on same way as we do In first post, I described why I decided to write guide for "catching" (seducing) girls and women who are seeking males for hooking, flirting or dating, and having successful one night stand with them, so this time we are going straight to the point, i will try to explain important facts, talking from my almost 20 year, experience. Question is  where to get sex or how and where to find and catch female, no matter how old or young she is, no matter is she hot or not so hot, no matter is she smart or not so smart. Always keep in mind that women motivation is same like us motivation: they are also looking to find male partner anytime and anywhere: in local pubs, online or at work , so let see, how to get sex tonight? For start, basic idea is to imagine for few moments that you are female who asks herself: where to find a men for...casual sex... or permanent sex partner... or just fuck buddy? ...


Guide: Find Dating or Sex Partner

Common questions about male-female relations, flirting and dating asked by men and boys:

  1. I don't understand women at all, what women want, can you en-light this to me ?
  2. How to find girl for casual dating ?
  3. Where I can find girls for one night stand ?
  4. Does girls like one night stands at all ?
  5. Where to catch girls online and get sex ?
  6. How to hook up girls, find f* buddy or some other type of sex partner ?
  7. This is awesome! What to do next morning ?
  8. Gifts ? When and what to buy her ?
  9. Conclusion
  10. Resources (if you don't trust me, then look at science)


Before start, just to be clear with few facts:

  •  I am talking only about getting sex without money, so everything you read here is for those who want to learn how to catch girls everyday in real life and online. If you ask me, real man will never pays for love nor intimacy. Many of my friends don't agree with this, but after few hundred of girls and women  in my life I am pretty sure in this statement.
  • A lot of people asked me to focus on finding girls/women on Internet, so I decide to have this in mind while write this men guide. If you ask me, principle is the same in real world or online, for charming opposite sex, but if you feel more secure when hooking online, than OK, it is your choice.
  • Woman is woman, no matter is she younger or older, keep that in mind, the game is always played on same way!
  • If someone find that my guide is too macho, keep in mind, that I didn't invented anything, I am just describing how stuffs works, and they works on that way from beginning to the end of time and  world, and remember, like Shakespeare says in Henry IV: "Don't shoot the messenger". And of course I am just messenger...
  • No talks here about serious relationships, wedding and other types of LTRs,  maybe once I write something about that topics too, but honestly, I am not sure did I know anything about been serious in relationships or  been in marriage. Like already mentioned, people ask me how to get sex not how to get married, so I will stick to find female sex partners not soul-mates.
  • Last but not least: This is dedicated to my dear friends: J, M, another M and B. I love you all, and thanks for all great moments in past and for all future great moments, we will not retire soon :)




Q&A: 1) Understanding women or what women want


Stop bothering yourself with this question, for your good. Someone very smart (poetry or philosophizer, I can't remember) said: "You can know women or can have them" , period. Just stick to option two - to have them. Don't try to understand, because as much you try, things will become more complicated. Personally, I think that mostly of women (especially when they are younger) really don't knows what they want from life, from you, from self, so why would we bother with that at all? Ask yourself, how many times you felt in love attracted by gorges girl and tried to do everything for her in hope that she will feel and act on same way, and did she felt like you? In most cases answer is: No, so lets focus on our wishes and feelings.


Q&A: 2) Finding woman or girl for casual dating


Whenever you met new women you want to have think about this: women looking for men on same way like you are seeking them, what means: every time and anywhere. Of course there are some places that are more appropriate for flirting and hooking than another. For example it is easier to start conversation on the beach when you (and she) are on vacation and have whole day free, than in metro at 8:45 AM when you both going to job. You will easier hookup girl online, than in supermarket, but it is not impossible to act also in situations where you are very tight with time. Be creative, and act adopted to situation,start from easier places and when you get some confidential you will easy recognize when and what to say or do. No matter do you like her and want to date, or you want just one night adventure, always be gentile, relaxed and try to act juts like nothing happens, no matter if you are scarred and your hart beat, just pretend you are relaxed.

Q&A: 3) How and Where to find girls for one night stands

That is what you are most interested in? I understand that, and hear you: what are places to find girls for fun?
Don't think about them as girls for one night stand, rather think that any girl, if you are skilled enough, can be your one-nigh adventure. Women are in this field very same as you: they want all kind of relationships including hookups and sex only, but they are more careful when it comes to action. First rule is to see that you are trust-able person. That means that  you are not some offender or abuser, that you may go out of here life easy if she don't like you or stay in her life if she likes you. In short: she must be not scared from you and she must have sense of slight control over you, so do everything you can to assure that she see you on that way.



Q&A: 4) What women generally think about one night stands

If you read carefully, than it is clear that girls like no-obligated adventures, one night stands, flirting and everything as we do, just are more frighten and more careful. Your role is to look like someone who will not make troubles, will not fail in love if they are in marriage and make problems, you just need to look like "Ok, we can have sex tonight, but if you don't want, that is OK too".


Q&A: 5) Do women like online hooking up, and where to find such ladies

For girls, like it should be to you too, online partner finding, is nothing special, just one more way to get dating or sex partners for 1 night stands or LTR. About how to identify and avoid girls/women who want long term relation ship I will say few words later. 


Q&A: 6) Finding girl for permanent intimacy, but without any obligations

Best way is to use online dating sites or trusted hook up site (aka get sex site or to be more clear sex dating site) . Avoid free sites due to simply reason: they are full of fake profiles so you will waste a lot of time, focus on sites which are paid, since some of them can guarantee that person who you are looking at screen is real person behind computer screen. I will not tell you this time which sites are best, you need to discover yourself, but remember, free sites are good but so fake profiles, so you can talk few days with someone and then get confession that on the other side of like is a guy or something like that.

Update: So many questions like "Oh, please tell me which is your favorite site" and so on, so I wrote post and I am giving you my favorite get sex site.

On the other side, in real world focus on all places and situations where things are relaxed like: clubs, beaches and all other please where people come to have great time.


Q&A: 7) What to do in the morning (after first one night stand)


It depends do you liked last night or not, because you should go in two opposite directions depending on this answer. If you want to keep here than you will do something about her. If you don't, then just pretend like nothings happened and if she insist to see you again give her your number but with last digit changed. This is useful, if in future you see her somewhere else, you will explain that you was in hurry so missed number (just for one nigit) 


Q&A: 8) What about gifts

If you had some great time last night, it wouldn't be bad to send something and wait for here response. Chocolate or flower gift would be nice, nothing expensive, and don't forget small card with only few words. Never take her a gift use local flower shop to ask them to deliver. Same for chocolate. Message like "Thanks for great time." will be just enough. She would be in toughts like "What he mean by this?" or "Did he likes me?" or "Will he call again?" and similar. If you decide to call wait for at least one week. Never give you excuses why you called after 7 days, just say "I couldn't call you earlier". In women imagination that will be "drop" of mystery. At same time, girls are mad about guys that do such things, they will never confess you but believe me, it is proven recipe.


Q&A: 9) Conclusion: What we learned about attracting women


Summary: Be relaxed and show that you don't care.

Emergency call: I felt in Love!!! - Can't help there... :)


Q&A: 10) Resources (science about male/female sex and other relationships)


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S from M, Nov / 2012
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A.K. from J, Dec / 2012
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M.T. from N, Jan / 2013
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Spent thousands in past ten years on Pick Up Artist books and other BS, I wish I found your free guide earlier...

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J.D. from D, Apr/ 2013
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T.P. from NYC, Apr/ 2013
...both online and "offline" tactic are just great! helped me a lot to understand how to confuse females so they think I am their king or something :) I really becoming a king when it come to one night stands :) ...

M.A. from A, May/ 2013
...Last year I spent more than $500 for various subscriptions and didn't get sex. After reading your guide I started to experiment with locally chicks in pub and had 2 successful one night stands. One og them told me that I am pig and another that I am great lover and that we should date. What is most interesting to me is that I now DON'T care what they say...

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C.W. from L, Jul/ 2013
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A.G. from W, Jul/ 2013(this is Miss A comment, enjoy)
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B.B. from N, Aug/ 2013
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Great! Simple effective, straight to the point! I like when people use more simple words and less some scientific-something that only complicates things no matter is it about mechanics or girls :)...

A.C. from N, Oct/ 2013
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J.D. from M, Dec/ 2013
I am getting sex all the time, since high school days, but... But your post is interesting to me because things that I am simply doing, let say intuitively, you described in details. It is very interesting since I do not have problems with catching women attention and grabbing them in bed (easy) to see actually what I am doing. Very, very interesting post to me, thanks. ...


A.A. from NYC, Dec/ 2013
Impressive, short, effective, tried, changed way my mind functioning when it comes to women!!! Thanks!...


G.K. from S, Feb/ 2014
Theory I read about on your blog(guide or what) was silly to me, but decided to test that kind of approach to younger and older women. What made me nervous is that it was working better than anything else. Then I become more suspicious tough that is just more coincidence so I kept one and one more step. What was amazing at the end, is that unfortunately your idea about getting sex, or generally seducing women is something best I ever read. I am amazed and did not wanted to believe since I had different picture about women for my 45 years... Now I have no words, and your sentence you can understand women or you can have them tells everything about this...


M.T. from A, Mar/ 2014
I do not have idea how you get all those stuffs, where you learned or read, but this is one of best and MOST USEFUL guides that I ever read, and dramatically changed my success with opposite sex :) :) :) Thanks so much, can I buy you a beer? :) :) :)...


- ** UPDATE 2018 ** - :

Thanks to many messages you send and hope you will not be mad on us because we stopped publishing your messages, but we will fix that and starting from 2018, we will again pick best of your comments and publish here, once again thanks for all your messages! :)


A.C. from H, Jan/ 2018
Your guide helped me a lot to understand women, and start having better relations with them, actually also sex relations, what really makes me happy because until now (I am 27 y/o) didn't have too much luck with women, or to be honest I didn't have actually sex until last months, thanks to your guide and your suggested sites to meet women, so how I can buy you a beer, that is least I can do!?

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