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Educational sex videos

Here is small collections of educational sex videos: different positions, finding G spot, advice about dating and hooking up, advice on how to find female partner and get sex online, and other things you maybe need. Collection of educational videos will be updated when ever I found interesting video or make it. I am learning you to catch a girls and get sex (on sites) online and in real world, but you need to know what to do when get her in bed, so look at those videos, and contact me if you find other sexual education videos that may be useful for other readers too about sexual techniques,  sexual health, catching and picking up girls on free sex dating site and so on...


Since now you know how to find sex online, look at some Video Lessons to learn how to give her maximum pleasure ...


Top 10 Sexual positions

Top 6 intimate Sex Positions

Find G Spot

How to Kiss a Girl for first time

Female masturbation part I

Female masturbation part II

Top 10 sex positions

Kama Sutra Positions 101 In-Home Party with Sexologist Jill McDevitt

What is Best ORAL sex positions (females)

Prostate Massage How to (male g-spot)

Tantric Sex for beginners

Making Love (small guide)



How to finger a woman


Womens favorite sex position (2.800 women responded to this question)

Research among women about favorite sex position


Don't forget to read my full and free guide on how to find sex online and in real world, and also if you prefer seeking females online then read what is best site to get sex.

Any time, feel free to contact me, if you have any questions or suggestions, I am always ready to hear what do you think and what topic you would like to see covered here.

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