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Where to find women interested for you and how to get sex? All about one night stands, girls, women, and ways to catch and hook up and get sex. Also look at this month best sites to get sex

Most popular=> April / 2018 update: hottest hookup sites (success ratio from 1:5 to 1:8) . What sites work best for me when it come to one night stands

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Hook up site(s) that works [last update: April / 2018]

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Where are best sex dating sites  aka "adult" or get sex sites, is most frequently asked question that I get from this site visitors. Already said that I like traditional methods for catching girls and get laid, but since people insist much more to find sex online, I decided to share with you what are my favorite sites for sex and hook up, and what dating / sex sites are scam. I tried more and 20 different sites in past few years, and had sex somewhere with more somewhere with less success. Any case, I will keep experimenting and will keep info on this page fresh. Before I say, what  is mine favorite site to have sex, I will try to answer on some most common misunderstands related to finding sex partner over internet. Take a look at our sex dating sites list or proceed to Q&A.

>>> April / 2018 best sites for fast one night stands  - <<<

Site Rating Note
uLust 10/10 This month, definitelly my #1, everything as shoud be, landed few one night stands, for now perfect.
Affair Alert! 9/10 Another raising star in adult dating / hookup, very satisfied in past few months with AA, for now almost perfect.
Cindy Match 10/10 New but different, only hookups and casual sex near you with different aproach, for now highly recommanded, something really "fresh" in hookup dating world!
Hookup Girls 9/10 Using for about 3 years, very nice, a lot of people, male female ratio about 3:1.
Sensual Match 9/10 Using for past year or something like that, really like that site, it looks like new "rising" star :)
First Meet 10/10 Very interesting, works like facebook app, but nobody can see that you are using, mostly effective for USA and CA, highly recommanded !
Hookups Only 10/10 Excellent, very good female to male ratio.
Fuck Swipe 10/10 Another raising star, for first few days we are very satisfied, "hookup focused" site, maybe more than average competiotion when it come casual sex sites.
Fik.Me 9/10 Fik.Me is great, everybody who opened account there exactly know why they are there, name says, so there is no those who "misunderstand" something and looking for romance or dating, just people who want hookups and one night stands.
GetLaid Finder 8/10 Similar to previous (, maybe they deserve same rating, but this one is a much older site, I am there for more than 3 years so those are just my subjective rating let say, cos this is newer site on same principle.
Beat Your Age 7/10 Very nice, concept is to connect people in their 30s, 40s, 50s, but you will also find boys and girls in 20s.
Amateur Date Link 7/10 Old site, more than 6-7 years, very solid, old design and layout but very sold member base (read chicks base) :)
Date Hookup mobi 8/10 Great site for hookups, only design is some kind of old or something, they didn't changed anything for years, but landed there some fast hookups in past years and that is why this adult dating site is on my list.
Tie Up Us 8/10 Another interesting aproach to hookup dating.


Q&ASex Sites -> Dating Sites VS "Need Sex Sites" (aka pure adult sites) ?

Pretty same, but there are higher chances to you will get sex online on non-100%-dating site (get sex sites), so I can say that best online dating sites are actually mixed type of sites where people can date but mostly come to get sex so we will call them adult dating sites in general. Today are popular adult dating sites in form of social networks, where you can share photos and videos, but also you can send instant messages, show your status, tel other what you are seeking etc.


Q&AFree sex dating site or Paid sex dating sites ?

Both are OK, but PAID sites have one advantage: less fake profiles. Explanation is simple: nobody will spent $20 - $30 to make fake profile. On the other side, on free sites, people make plenty of fake profiles, what eats your time. For example: POF is one of greatest sites for meeting friends, dating and even finding online sex partner, but it has a lot of fake profiles, so you talk with some cute girl for days maybe even weeks and when you decide to arrange meeting (one night stand) you see that she is actually he. Or that she is not 20 years older than she said, and so on...



What are major differences between my favorite free and  favorite paid site? 

Not a big deal, on free site my success ratio is: 

-on ~every 8 girls that I contact get sex from 1 girl / woman, 

-on paid site I get sex from ~every 5th girl I am talking with. 


So let's say that your chances are approximately twice better to get sex on paid site, but it should not be a rule, it all depends on how you understand the seducing game and how you play game of catching females on sex sites.


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