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Where to find women interested for you and how to get sex? All about one night stands, girls, women, and ways to catch and hook up and get sex. Also look at this month best sites to get sex

Most popular=> April / 2018 update: hottest hookup sites (success ratio from 1:5 to 1:8) . What sites work best for me when it come to one night stands

How to get sex online (easy way)

Where to find girls and get sex is most common question after reading my general catching girls guide, mostly people (men and boys) ask me how to get (easily) women for:

A) fast sex 
B) online sex
C) (both) fast & online sex (noticed that this is favorite/most asked combination of my readers)

Sexdating is type of relationship most asked those days, among people who are seeking casual type of relationship with sex included,and without too much or without any obligations that classic dating involves. There is certain number of,both males and females,who are in serous relationships or marriages,but looking constantly for new sex partners,and certainly best way is to seek for online sexdates.

For now, I will NOT give you any sex dating (aka. adult) site or chat or something. For now answering on most common question: how to get free sex, because when you asking (in your comments) to give you mine favorite site(s) where I am finding women for sex, you are completely missing a point on first step! I tried to explain how to understand women,  seduce women, how to take advantage at any place: in school, job, bus or library, in bar, at the beach, anywhere and anytime and get free one night stand on that way
Internet is just next step, same principle used, just treat it as new 'source', which is modern, faster, maybe easier too, but point is to start from harder and learn something about getting sex fast from any women or almost any.

UPDATE: After 14 months of constant questions from thousands of visitors, about best adult  sites, I decided to maintain list of best sites to get fast sex online. But before you proceed to see what site is 'fresh' and working for fast hookups, please read all other things that I wrote for you to avoid some common mistakes, and find really really fast your one night stand using some of adult dating sites.

Where to get one night stand? As you know, I prefer finding women for sex in real world, because sex happens in real world. But since many people would like to find partner online and then to meet with such female and have sex, I will try to tell something about this. It makes sense, that people in today fast and busy world are most interested for something that is fast and with less efforts.

I remember time when I was 20-25 y/o, Internet didn't exists, everything happens in bars, streets, at college, at beach, at party and we went to various places to find girls... When Internet come, for long time I ignored its existence,  but in some moment, when I 'noticed' that I am not so young like before, and that I should 'follow trends' decided to see what happens and how to use that new stream for finding women who want to have sex, with someone and convince then to hookup with me :)

I still don't like Internet too much, but I must admit that is great new source for old game of 'fishing', you just need to find right get sex site and go to fishing prepared with some base knowledge on how to catch a fish and where to find girls online :)

To get one night stand and sex with women online, you should have in mind few questions and answer on those questions:

1 - where I can find women looking for sex online ?
2 - when I find place (site), how to hookup with one (or more) females that likes me ?
3 - where to have sex ?
4 - what I need to keep in mind during first date / sex ?

When you start to looking for sex online (finding sex partner online for real sex in real world, not cyber sex) it is important to know how to avoid most of online 'traps'. When I said 'traps', I mean on places (internet sites, chats, etc) where girls introduce them self as amateur ordinary girls,that are looking for sex partner, but they are actually professionals who will take you few bucks or more for chat or web cam chat with you and that is all. So you don't need that, you need real women who are seeking male sex partners, ordinary females, who are just like you: too busy or to shinny to find sex partner on other way. Again: keep in mind all people having sex all the time, some with LTR partners and much more men and women seeking constantly for new partners.

So, lets have sex:

1 - Try to think as women: Where would you go find sex partner if you are a girl? Would you put some label telling "Hi i am horny, need male tonight" or you would be more discreet? Would you, if you are women, on first message from unknown guy who say "I like your boobs, do you want sex tonight", would you answer: Yes ? 
Answers are: No, No and No.
Let face it: This 21st century, women are more free then ever, but they are not desperate, and if they are they will not tell you that, you need to 'feel' how desperate she needs a male, and to become guy from her dreams. At least for one night. Later continue to be what you are, you need to flexible to accomplish your goes, in this case, fast sex is your goal, right?
Internet place that you are looking for is any kind of please where adult discussing, socializing or whatever. They are some places on Internet that have highest concentration of females that are looking for males but we will talk about that latter. So you are find such site or chat, you are picking normal user name that indicates your years (+/- 5 years is OK), and start to look around .. Like lion that look for food when becomes hungry.

2 - When you are on particular place (site) with satisfied 'concentration' of girls, you are starting normal conversations (messages, chat or something), don't even try with vulgar or freely comments in first sentence, treat her like girl that you meet in bar, don't be confused with anonymous that Internet gives to you, so start to talk, ask her for ages, interests, blah, blah, try to leave impression and wait to see does she have any interests for you. When she asks something about you, never leave impression that you are desperate for sex, say something like: "I heart for this site, so wanted to see what's up,blah,blah, I don't like meeting people online it is wired, blah, blah, just went LTR and want some fun in next period of my life, blah, blah, but you are interesting very girl / women, it is funny you are first one I met online, and you changed my toughs about online people meeting, blah,blah..." [ this is important, women like to be 1st in something]. If she say that you are cute or give you compliment, then you are going to slowly 'close a sale' as merchant say :) Just talk about different stuffs that she is interested and don't mention sex if she didn't mentioned. After some time, cut conversation, and tell something like "I need to go (business, school or something be creative) but would you like to give me your email/cell phone, blah,blah..." If she give you phone or email, you done more than half of job, if she don't get you contact data move to another women and start from step 1. If she gives you contact data, arrange meeting tomorrow, next week when it is OK for here.

3 - When you arranged meeting, chances that yo will get sex same night are 80:20 for you. All you need is to not ruin impression that you leave. Point is that she likes you (she gave you phone number,remember?), so you just need to be patient. Arrange meeting in some public place, restaurant, bar or something similar, for casual drink, still don't mention anything about sex, because she will know after see you you face-to-face does she want you in her bed or not, and answer on that questions depends only on YOU! Go to drink or dinner, talk about everything that she wants to talk about, don't try to be superior to make impression on that way because that will not be a good, this is girl that you want to have sex with, not marriage, remember? She need to get impression that you are normal guy, that you will not make here any problems (she is maybe married, she maybe didn't have sex for 5 years, take all that and thousand other facts in your head, before tell anything), leave her to lead you. In mean time have prepared room in nearest motel or hotel, and when you finish dinner or few drinks, just ask her gently: Do you want to go in my room? (don't explain what is 'your room' if she don't ask that) Hotels and motels are best places, there are nice and cheap places so it is not expensive. On the other side don't try to have sex in a car, she likes you, she want sex with you but she is not a hooker, keep that in mind.

Update: Got few messages from some younger people, who don't have inspiration where they can have sex while parents are at home :) Funny, today generations are suffering from lack of imagination and creativity :) Any case here it is, read some more interesting places where you can have sex.

4 - When everything is done, and you are in some nice room, don't forget to use condom, don't believe if she says that done test 2 weeks ago or something. This is due to few reasons: 1st STD, 2nd is that there is certain group of women who is ready to get pregnant with stranger, she don't need husband but wants baby, she will tell you that she is healthy and taking pills, don't felt in that trap under any circumstances, in worst case, say that you are not sure for your health  you had smaller infection few weeks ago, and not sure is it OK to have sex without protection, that will scare any 'baby hunter'. So, no matter how she looks cute, sexy or smart to you, don't forget that you know her from some site, and all info you have about her are those she gave to you, so everything can be false. You want fast one night stand sex and you will get it, so keep focused and turn off your emotions, you are looking for one night stand, she is woman looking for one night stand, so keep focused and be for each other one night stand, nothing more and nothing less.

Update: Where to have sex ?

After reading this post, many readers, mostly younger men, asked me same question: "I have no money for hotel so where i can have sex with some chick I hooked online?"

My answer is always: be creative!
But since you asked for precise ideas about place to have sex with chick if you are young and don't have a lot of money:
- car
- public park
- beach
- ask friend who has own apartment to give you keys for 2 hours
- find motels or hostels where you can get room for less than $20
- elevator (use STOP button)
- and many other places, just be creative, people make love all the tie everywhere. Hope that this will help to be one step closer to your goal: having constantly one night stands with different girls and women.

Now, read this post again if something still is not clear to you, and stop asking where can i find a one night stand because you have this guide where all girls are, you just need pick up them! And of course don't forget courage, you are macho, think about that!

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