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Where to find Women for Sex

Readers ask me all the time where to find women for sex or where to find girls for one night stands. I am not sure are you reading or not, but I don't have magic stick, everything is nicely described in previous posts about finding fomen that looking for men and how to find sex partner using Internet, so just read and think for a moment before go to meet women which you want to have sex tonight. So please don't message me questions like "i want to have sex ,how to do that tonight?!" or similar , like I said just read and think a little bit.

This time I will try to be more specific about ways and places for finding women online and in real world. Also, i am sorry that I see from your messages, that 90% of your comments and questions are related to online women meeting, and not to real-life women finding and pickup tips &tricks. Any case, I will try to answer on your requests, and give you what you want, so this time will repeat and add some new facts to find sex in your area.

There are 3 kind of places online, where you can seek for girls interested for intimacy:

-  various dating and adult get sex sites
-  chats
-  classifieds (local)

This time I will skip talks about sex chats, because mostly of them are 'compromised', or in other words many girls who you will meet on chat are not girls at all :) It is better situation at particular number of 'non-compromised' adult dating sites.

When it comes to finding female partner for casual (nsa) sex using classifieds, most popular are CL and GT, both are free and easy to use. If you are men seeking for one night stand, those sources can be good, because local girls read those classifieds and it is not hard to hookup with some of them. But... Unfortunately , type of women which seeks male partners using classifieds are not tall attractive blondes, it is usually just - opposite! So be careful, and be prepared that "25 y/o fit student girl" from an ad is very often mid-aged, a bit fat housewife divorced few months ago which trying to get back long time lost self-confidence, and want pretty boy for that task, so once again be careful with classifieds.

Now what is most interesting for most of my readers (going on online on best way): 

To get sex from pretty and  good looking girl you met online (adult dating/hooking up sites), you need to be creative and understand how women thinks. That means that all those profiles that you find on various dating sites are probably false when you see hot naked bodies and labels which says "I am horny com and get me,blah,blah". Why? Because a lot of women and girls looking for sex online, but they are NOT so desperate to say something like that or act like that. They are looking for decent guy who can give them some satisfaction without obligations. Ok, you are not decent, don't have money and maybe don't have own car,right? It is no problem: you don't need to have a lot of money, speed (or any) car, you need to have some pocket money for few drinks and hotel room, but let her thinks that you are what she would like you to be. Who cars, any case, you both looking for one night stand sex, and you will probably not seen here again, because you will find another using same methodology (older ,younger, milf or maybe couple), so point is that you need just to pretend that you are THE guy she is looking for. She will be maybe disappointed, but who care. You want sex, not marriage, right? you come to this site searching how to get fast sex online, not how to find soul mate.

Pick women you like [dressed]

Start with searching profiles withing your city (20-30 miles) and focus on those where are dressed girls (not naked), It is OK if she is young and wear some tights, but if she is naked, believe me she don't exists, that is just some fake profile.

Read something about her interested and other stuffs, so you will be in advantage (you will know something about) her. She probably need sex tonight same as you do. You just need to be smart and show her that you are The Guy who deserves her.

Go and Get it!

If site is reputable and have paid options, it is OK to pay , all those adult sites have options forverified members, when it comes to women, for their that is some kind of extra security that you are real person. Any case, you should spent $20 or $30 (what is average on top 10 adult sites that I know per monthly subscription, so if you fail just don't pay next month and that's it).

Make own profile, don't leave all empty fields, give your body data (hair, weight, height) those are info where would be stupid to lie, since if you arrange sex, she have eyes and will see that you lied, that is big No-No, been cough in lying, especially before you get sex from her.

Now start hunting, if you know some about her interests, think for a moment and drop her a message or chat requests, don't mention sex, try to talk about something you think she will like (according to her interests and info that you have from her profile). If she starts blurbing , you probably done on right way, then just let her go with talks, if you don't have idea what she is talking about, you can always use answer that is good in 99% conversations with women: Yes I understand... 
What ever she says and expect some response from you, always be kind, and make variations of that sentence like : Yes you are right, Yes you noticed that on right way, Yes I understand and so on. This is very important, because she will get picture that you want to listen her, that implicates that you are emotional guy, what implicates that she will maybe want to sleep with you. Tonight. If you have conversation in 10 message that you send each other or have live conversation on site for 1 hour, it is tome to ask her to see with you tonight. And don't mention sex, ask her for drink, dinner, walk, anything.

When she accept to meet with you, don't forget to buy condoms and book hotel or motel room. Take her for a walk, dinner or (best option) few drinks, and if she still blurbing (and you "understand" everything she says) ask gently, with smile: Do you want to go to my room? Don't explain what and where is your room, just ask her. If she say "yes" I don't need to explain what is next. If she say "no", stay come, don't insist and don't repeat that questions again. In most cases she will refuse when you ask first time and will initiate after hour or something with words "changed my mind, let's go to your room". I don't know why they function on that way but they do.  You should never, ever look desperate about having sex, you need to act as you had sex few minutes ago and will have tomorrow and you don't care if she say no. You should never ever look too interested for sex with her. Women like to see that you are interested IN HER not in sex with her, that is a secret of "I understand" tactic. She see that you like her and you are cool about sex, that is impression that you need to accomplish.

If you done your homework, you will have sex every day, and will get a lot of self confidence during first few times. What is most important you will understand where to find girls for sex - answer is: everywhere! They are everywhere: online and in real world, but you need to understand how to catch them and have sex with them. So stop asking where to find sex online, read this and simple try, and you will succeed!

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